'Twas the beginning of the twentieth century in Florence, when Grandfather Angiolino, called “Il Vinaio” (the wine merchant), produced “Vinsanto”, the antique sweet and strong wine. One day, he made a friendship with a well-known character of the culinary arts who said that a good vinsanto would be very well-matched with Cantuccio, the most traditional Tuscan cookie, today renowned all over the world. Although its paternity is still contended, tradition says that the Cantuccio first saw the light of day in Prato, and so the name, “Biscotto di Prato”.

Simple to prepare, a few fresh and wholesome ingredients wisely mixed are enough to make a biscuit that is fragrant and deliciously crumbly.

The famous biscuit is baked for the holidays and enjoyed after lunch, after dinner, alone or in company, plain or slightly soaked in vinsanto... a practice that will forever bound the biscuit to the sweet wine.

We have to return to the fifties to remember our first steps in the food sector at our grandfather's renowned bakery in Prato. “Sor Nandino” taught us the secrets of “arte bianca” which in Italian is simply the art of working with flour. From these experiences, the idea to start our own business was born with Branchetti Bakery on Via del Serraglio in Prato.Since then, thanks to the secrets of “arte bianca” learned from our grandfather, we continue to mix our ingredients following the old methods, using only the freshest and most wholesome products.

Today Branchetti Biscotti, well-known and esteemed by many, continues on in the light of that tradition with a brand-new workshop created to satisfy our customers and their numerous requests.

                                                              (Stefano Branchetti)
Branchetti Biscotti has studied a special custom packaging called “Braggy” that can be personalised for you to be offered as a gift for your clients, or also as a reminder treat during trade-shows and events.
Branchetti Biscotti supplies shops, bars, restaurants, agriturismi and hotels. Hand-delivery in Prato, Florence and Pistoia provinces, or delivery by qualified courier in other regions of Italy and throughout the world.
Choose your message and Branchetti will pack and deliver your gift packages for you with the assorted products of your choice.
The new Branchetti workshop, including a retail store and work area, was created to continue our father's work, begun more than fifty years ago.

We have chosen to focus our attention on the production of biscuits infusing the antique “arte bianca” with fresh, young ideas where imagination and quality meet taste.

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